LOC Serendipity: Simulated Rogerian Therapy Bot

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Hello, I am a chat bot to talk with about problems. What can I talk with you about?

Please note that this bot is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease. To run this program locally, simply right click and save as to your desktop. You can even run it offline. None of your conversational data goes anywhere. It says on your machine. LOC Serendipity is a website that aggregates a subset of the open digital records available from the Library of Congress. With each click of the button at the top of the page, the website provides a list of freely available books from the library, available through archive.org. The site owner is not responsible for any content within the Library of Congress catalog and inclusion of any book, materials, or information on this site does not constitute an endorsement of that content and does not imply the site owner agrees with that content.